Joey Ryan Invites You To Enjoy His Penis Party!

In one of the most controversial shows of #Wrestlecon weekend (most controversial goes to Blackcraft) Joey Ryan and his provocative penis invaded the grand ballroom of the Midtown Hilton in NY, NY.

The main event was hung with talent as the dream team of Sexxxy Eddie, Val Venis, and Joey Ryan took on the sultry Session Moth Martina, Scarlett Bordeaux, and Priscilla Kelly.

Priscilla knows how to make an entrance.

The event also featured Tracy Smothers in all his non pc glory.

Everybody Dies!

In another epic six man match, the team of Tommy Dreamer, Colt Cabana, and Fal Nation’s Mike Babchik battled Captain Striker, Pretty one Dustin and Enforcer Greg.

Spoiler Alert Babchik shits his pants.

David Arquette valiantly took his beating from Timothy Thatcher and surprised us all with his own #Wrestlecon moment! BANG!

Self Hi Five!

All in all the event had something for everyone (unless you don’t like penis with your rasslin’) featuring hard hitting, high flying matchups, comedy, womens wrestling, a penis party deathmatch pitting best friends against each other, and lots and lots of dong. Check out this BTS highlight video.

Sorry Jim.

Stream or download the Joey Ryan Penis Party on and pick up the dvd at


Commentary by the legendary Don Callis and extraordinary Excalibur.

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